1.Two tracks Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)
Fresh and zingy with lovely tropical fruit weight..
Glass €6.30 / Bottle €23.00
2.Valdemoro Sauvignon Blanc (Chile)
So good you’ll wish it didn’t exist!
Glass €6.00 / Bottle €21.00
3.Table Mountain Sauvignon Blanc (South Africa)
Crisp with good tropical flavours and a long clean finish.
Bottle €20.00
8.Las Moras Pinot Grigio (Argentina)
Dry fruity wine with a refreshing acidity and a clean crisp finish.
Glass €6.30 / Bottle €23.00
9.Gabriella Pinot Grigio (Italy)
Fruity and smooth- a real people pleaser.
Glass €6.50 / Bottle €24.00
16.El Esteco Chardonnay (Argentina)
Even a hit with those who “don’t like Chardonnay”!
Glass €7.00 / Bottle €26.00


4.Las Moras Shiraz (Argentina)
Big robust wine with high alcohol and an excellent finish.
Glass €6.40 / Bottle €24.00
6.Valdemoro Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile)
Luscious, juicy, simply oozing and dripping berry fruitiness.
Glass €6.00 / Bottle €21.00
10.MJ Janeil Merlot (France)
Fresh and supple attack. Beautiful finish with smooth tannins and mint notes.
Glass €6.80 / Bottle €25.00
12. Paulita Malbec (Argentina)
Fresh, even fruity, but with an earthy edge to keep it grounded.
Glass €7.50 / Bottle €27.00

19 Cabernet D'Anjou Cavedel Angevine (France)
A favourite wine, the one that you can drink and not question.
Glass €6.40 / Bottle €24.50


13.Colle Del Principe Prosecco Docg (Italy)
Deliciously soft and with some real flavour.
Glass €6.50 / Bottle €27.00
24.Moet Et Chandon Dom Perignon Champagne (France).
It tastes elegant and it makes us feel elegant.
Bottle €89.00

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